The Everton Way website exposes all of the soccer coaching plans of one of the English Premier League’s most successful academies, all for a subscription fee of just GBP49.

The comprehensive information within site is known for the very same soccer coaching courses that the club use in the training of their youngsters. It is a holistic approach, which represents all aspects of soccer training from the technological dimensions of the game, to physiotherapy, sports psychology, training, and welfare.

In recent years, Everton has raised over GBP45m (over $60m US dollars) from the sale of Academy-produced players, so they simply know a thing or two about soccer coaching. The gateway incorporates a group of soccer coaching clips, audio commentary, editorial walkthroughs,

diagrams and tactical advice, which reveal the proven techniques of an academy which have produced graduates such as Everton first team members James Vaughan, Jack Rodwell and Leon Osman, not to mention Manchester United’s, Wayne Rooney.

Tony Farrell, the Technical Coordinator of the Everton Way, said: “This new online soccer coaching service is an illustration of our dedication to the development of young soccer players, not just regarding their abilities on the football pitch, but also off it.”

“For just GBP49, users can get the related coaching knowledge and expertise of one of the exceedingly successful soccer academies in the world. We believe that this is the excellent preference for money and in the time that the duty has been live, we have already received some very actual feedback from users.”